Dave is a 3 month old crossbreed.

He likely has some posh name relating to his cross but we prefer the old fashioned crossbreed. He is likely a mix of llhaso, shih tzu and yorkshire terrier so will stay a small dog.

Dave needs a home with other dogs , where he will not be left for more than 4 hours.

He will need , as all puppies do, ongoing training.

Please email us to register interest in Dave.



We would like to introduce you all to “Seb” who has had a very sad, hard and heartbreaking life.

He is only a baby at fifteen months old.
Seb was rescued by a lovely gentleman who saw that Seb’s life was in immediate danger, as his owner was about to shoot him. Yes you have read that correctly “Seb” who was a dog with no name was about to be shot.
The man that rescued him from death took him home but because Seb was so scared of everything he escaped from the home and found himself in traffic and then outside in a wooded area in the cold and rain for four days and four nights.
He was absolutely petrified, wet and starving. People tried to help him by trying to catch him but despite everybody in the area trying to tempt him with food for four days and the fact that he was so hungry, he would not let anybody get near him.
He wanted help but as soon as somebody got too near he ran off as was too petrified.
Finally after four days and nights in the cold and losing weight by the day he was finally caught.
After being caught he slept for twenty hours and then shut down completely and was unable to walk. This is equivalent to a human being having a complete breakdown.
He daren’t lift his head, move or make eye contact.
Although he was starving he daren’t even move to eat, he was petrified of the outside world, traffic, leaves, the wind, other dogs, birds and people but especially men. He spooks at loud noises and any quick movement. He was petrified of a lead and just wanted to go and hide in the corner of the room away from everything. He was full of tape worm and had fleas.
Poor Seb has never known any human love or kindness or any of the nice normal things in life that most dogs have when in a loving home until the day he was rescued by the lovely man who saved him from being shot.
Seb was three and a half kilos underweight but is now slowly gaining some weight so feeling a little more energetic.
Seb was very weak on his back legs and after x rays have been carried out this week, it appears that due to cruelty and neglect he has two dislocated hips. This is a very painful condition, which is now being controlled by painkillers, hydrotherapy and laser treatment.
He is receiving hydrotherapy and laser treatment twice per week. This is to build up muscle and reduce pain. He has pain in his spine and hips which will improve in time.
At the moment he has zero muscle, however this will come in time with intensive expert treatment. Seb is having this treatment to prepare him for two hip replacements. He needs two complete new hips which is massive surgery but will result in Seb being able to run around and be happy and pain free like a normal healthy dog.
This surgery is highly successful and will completely change his life forever. At the moment he can only have two five minute walks per day and toilet trips.
He will have one hip replacement then recover and then have the second hip operation.
Our team has shed many many tears watching Sebs first initial rescue state and many more seeing him become more confident and happy each day.
Seb has suffered immense cruelty and despite the odds, this beautiful boy who at only fifteen months old has survived death so many times and has been let down by the person who was supposed to care, nurture and love him, which has resulted in a petrified broken boy.
Seb is now in our care as he needs expert help phycologically as well as the hip replacements that are the only thing that are going to save his life, as his hips are the worst the vets have ever seen.
If Seb doesn’t have the hip replacements he will lose his life.
We do not feel this is an option for a fifteen month old beautiful boy who has been so cruelly treated who has the prognosis of a happy normal life after his hip operations.
We are determined to ensure that “Seb” has the chance to have a normal happy, loved and healthy life where he can run around like a normal fifteen month old dog.
He has survived death several times and destiny has brought him to us. Hip operations, hydrotherapy and Laser treatment together with pain killers and joint supplements are very expensive. It actually comes to many thousands and thousands of pounds.

We are now setting up “SEB’S NEW HIPS FUND” we would be so grateful if you could find it in your heart to donate any amount, small or large as every single penny will help this broken boy. Donations can be made by PayPal, cheque, cash or making payments to Shuttleworth Veterinary Group to the “SEB HIP FUND”.


Reference: SEB HIP FUND

Barclays Bank (rawtenstall)
Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue
sort code 20-15-70
account no.- 53289389
Reference: SEB HIP FUND

209A Bacup Rd, Rossendale BB4 7PA
Phone:01706 225300
Reference: SEB HIP FUND

Thankyou so much to every single one of you for taking the time to read the sad story of Seb and Thankyou for your support.

If Seb could talk he would be saying Thankyou for saving me to the gentleman that saved him in the first place and Thankyou to everybody that finds it in their heart to help me.

We will keep everybody updated on his progress.


Bob is a 10 year old shetland stallion.

Bob will no longer be a stallion next week ……. he came o us as a bolshy little man with a bad a** attitude 🙂 With a bit of love and care, hes soon come around and is proving to be the sweetest of ponies 🙂

Bob will be available for rehome early next year.


Darcy is a Rottweiler cross and 6 years old,she needs a home with a confident owner who will set boundaries and stick to them.
She’s a strong dog who will need some ongoing training.
She’s a very loving girl,clean in the home,loves her toys,bones and squeaky ball.
She’s a very intelligent girl,quick to learn and eager to please.
Darcy needs a home with no other dogs and strictly no cats.
Due to her size children over 13 years only.
If you can offer Darcy a home please email us
Homecheck and adoption fees apply


🎶🎶🎶🎶Aint nothing but a hound dog🎶🎶🎶

Slight exaggeration…. theyre mum n son kitties…. just incase you were wondering ….

Pricilla and her son are available for immediate rehome.
Please inbox the page to register interest.


This is Lucky and Socks.
They were named by the young boy walking with his mum through woods today.
Were they born there?
Maybe they were left unsold by a breeder.
Perhaps their new owners tired of them after a few short weeks.
Who knows.
What we do know is that both are severely emaciated, riddled in worm, dripping in fleas and anaemic 😢

 Both are now vet checked and have a full bill of health. This beautiful pair are looking for a forever home together. Please get in touch to offer them the live the deserve


Magical Mittens the mystic kitty is looking for her forever home.
Mittens is a playful two year old neutered lady.
She would be better suited to a home without dogs and would prefer older children.
Shes a lot of love to give to the right home. Her markings can verify this. 


The very very gorgeous Aphrodite is just 7 months old,still a baby herself,she gave birth to 5 kittens at the side of a cold,isolated car park.
She’s been an excellent mum and given her kittens so much love,care and dedication to give them the best start they could ask for.
It’s now her turn to find someone to give her love,care,dedication and a comfy place to sleep rather than the hard ground and shrubbery.
Little Pandora is her daughter and the only girl born,these two come as a very delectable package,if you can offer these girls the home they deserve please message email us.
Homecheck and adoption fee applies


Meet Chaos,he’s a very playful cheeky chappie and 6 weeks old,he’s Aphrodite’s son and was born at the side of a car park.All his brothers have been reserved to lovely homes and he wants a loving home as well,if you can offer your knees to Chaos please email us
Homecheck and adoption fee applies