Meet Best mates Bailey an 9 year old female Springer and her pal Puggles who is a 7 year old male.
They’re looking for their forever family together due to no fault of their own.
Bailey is an affectionate girl with good manner, good recall and a pleasant attitude to life. Puggles, well, he’s a pug 😂😂😂
Both are crate trained and housetrained .
They’re fine to live with other dogs but no cats. 
Both are child friendly.
If you can offer this pair a home TOGETHER, please contact us via  email


Luna is just 10 months old and looking for a home to call her own,she’s a very loving and loyal lass once she gets to know you but does need help with her social skills,she does bark and pull towards people and other dogs when out walking,her fosters are working with her but this will need to be ongoing.
She’s fully housetrained and can be left for short periods,she will need someone home most of the time.
Due to her being a boisterous lass children over 13 only.
She could possibly live with another calm dog with careful introductions.
If you can offer Luna a home please message us or email


Sadly Marley is still looking for that special someone.
He’s a complex dog that’s suffered great loss in his short life.
Marley needs to be an only dog, no cats and children over 16 only.
He is wary of some strangers , but once you’ve gained his trust, he’s your best pal.

He hates tea towels, he runs in fear if one wafts near him, infact he’s scared of anything wafted or flapped near him and will run in fear.

He’s a very lazy pup, sleeps alot and VERY well house trained. He is happy to do his business in the garden.

He understands his name and the terms,
Lie down
Stay (as long as he can see you)
Good boy (usually involves a treat or head rub)

He can play fetch, although sometimes just chases the ball then leaves it for you to pick up 😂)

He’s very good at the hide and seek game. Get him to sit, stay, then hide the treat and tell him to go find it. He’ll keep popping back to you to sniff your hands for the scent so, don’t wipe your hands until he’s found it!

He will always sit before you give him his food.

Marley has a leg deformity from birth which is sadly now too progressed to correct. His walks need to be monitored and short.

He is a twitchy dreamer. Very entertaining to watch as each of his ‘toes’ on his paws move individually 😁
Taking all that into account, he will need a home with someone with knowledge of large breeds. Someone with understanding and patience. Someone prepared to work with him as much as he will want to work with you.
If you feel you fit this bill or would like more information on Marley please inbox us or email

MICKEY reserved

🎶🎶Ohh Mickey you’re soo fine , you’re soo fine you lush feline Ohh Mickey 🎶🎶

Mickeys is ready for his new forever home this weekend.
He’s 8 weeks old, and a bundle of loving fun.
His 1st vaccination has been done . His second is due in 3 weeks. His neuter at around 4 months. These are included in his adoption fee of £70 and will require potential adopters to travel to our vets in rawtenstall. 
If you’re looking for a new family member please contact us via inbox or email
Priority will be given to prechecked homes.

MATTY reserved

Everyone meet Matty.
Matty or Sir Mathew as once his fine robes have grown back he’s decided he will need a more regal name.
As some of you are aware, he came to the rescue in a terrible state. Since his first appearance Matty ,who was terrified of even his own shadow, has come on leaps and bounds. He is now daring the big wide world and is wanting his own palace and servants.
His servants would need to be aware that he is still terribly shy and can be a bit shouty if scared.
Matty will need time and space to come around in his new home.
Preferred homes would be child free, nervous cat savvy with a love of grooming as once his flowing locks return he will need daily pamperings.
Contact us via inbox or email x


The lovely Charlie is now ready to find his forever home. He is around 1yr old and has been neutered. His foster mum says he is a fab cat, one of her favourites! (but shh, don’t tell the others ) He came to RRAR with an injury on his tail and a poorly toe, both of which are now healed – he had to have most of his tail amputated. Despite initially obviously being in pain he has always been a lovely cat, happy to sit on anyone’s knee and great with kids. If you would like him to be part of your family please email  us on

. Homecheck and adoption fees apply.”


Norman is looking for a very special foster or forever home.
He’s neutered chipped and vaccinations will be covered in his adoption. He’s 8 years old.and atm totally bald.
When this handsome lads fur eventually grows back he will need grooming regularly to keep him in shape.
He would be best suited to a quieter household without young children.
He can live with other cats but hasn’t met dogs to our knowledge.
He’s a timid boy at first but totally loving once he realises the world isn’t full of bad people
Please drop us a message or email to register interest.

ELVIS reserved

Elvis is an 6 year old Lancashire Heeler.
He’s been in his present home from a pup but sadly circumstances have changed and he needs to find new humans.
Elvis will need an experienced home. As a farm dog, he has never been on lead or worn a collar and this will take some work on making him accustomed to it. 
He’s fine to live with most dogs and lives with cats but will not be homed with children.
Elvis is clean in the home and non destructive
He displays no toy or food aggression.
If you can help this lovely little dude please drop us a message or email


Sadly, March is the start of one of our busiest periods for cats and kittens.

This is just a small selection of one of 3 litters we currently have in our care at the moment.

They are not ready for rehoming yet, but to register interest and arrange a homecheck, please contact us via our facebook page, or email

Potential adopters must be prepared to travel to Vets 4 Pets in Rawtenstall to complete their vaccination course and for neutering, which is included in the £70 adoption fee