Hattie & Rex

Hattie and Rex are looking for their forever home together.
Both older dogs of 10 and 12 years and such a comical friendly pair. Hattie is a female Schnauzer Rex is a neutered male staff crossbreed.
Whilst some people may shy away from taking 2 dogs this pair are a bonded couple and essentially.as easy to care for as a single dog.
They are easy going and characterful yet chilled .
They can live with other dogs and children. 
Hattie will need vet visits for dental work so they must remain within the local vicinity of Rossendale.
If you can offer this Mr & Mrs their forever sofa please email us 

Chalky (SBT)

chalky          chalky2chalky1

I am Chalky and this is my happy face.
I’m smiling cos I don’t have to stay in the pound any more.
I’m going to stay in a lovely home with a nice man from Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue for a while.
Aunty Mic mentioned something about a jab n some nuts being lobbed off. Sounds like a game to me
I will be looking for my forever home in a few weeks.
Some of my mates are still in the pound.
They aren’t as lucky as me.
Could you help to make them smile?
A foster home could mean the difference between life or death.
I didnt deserve that. They don’t either.
Please consider fostering a happy chappy like me and make my mates smile again