Hello. My name is Archibald and I’m looking for a new home.
I love sitting on laps and playing with squeeky toys. I love going on walks but i sometimes get too excited and forget to listen to my name so I’m kept on my extendable lead.
I’m 4.5 years old and even though I’m quite young I’m not really a fan of young humans so a home without those would be great!
I’m wary of new people but if you give me some time I’ll usually come for a cuddle when I’m ready.
I don’t like many dogs, especially if they’re bigger than me! I would love a home without other dogs so I can get all the attention!
I’ve been living with two other cats who I don’t bother at all!
I am a very loyal loving dog dog and would love a new home where I can relax as I’m not getting along with another dog in the house.

Archibald X

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  1. Hi,
    I am just browsing your website and saw Archibald and immediately thought, how cute and would love to know more about him. My girlfriend and I live in Ramsbottom. There are no young children in the address and we would love to provide a special, loving home for a dog like him.

    Thank you

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