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Super sleek Slinky seeks sassy she (or he) human for smooches, snuggles and squishing.

Ok we aren’t really a dating site but Slinky here does need a new forever just 16 weeks old.
Hes had his first vaccs but is slightly underweight for neutering atm (1.9kgs he’s almost there…..) Potential adopters must be prepared to travel to complete his vacc course and neutering at Vets4Pets Rawtenstall
Drop us an email to rrar@petlover. com or inbox the page to offer Slinky his forever home



Pepi is a Shih tzu cross Jack Russell and is looking for a home to call his own,please fully read the home he needs before contacting us
He’s 11 month old and very energetic so needs an active home with somebody home most of the day
He needs a dog buddy to live with
He needs to go training classes 
He’s having the odd accident in the home so continued toilet training
He can live with dog savvy cats and children
If you can offer Pepi a home please message us or email us


Hey people. Mia here 😍. I’m 3 and a bit gorgeous.
It’s very exciting… I’ve been going out on on a lead the last couple of weeks. I love it but I do tend to bark at everybody and everything at the minute en route (I think I’m learning that’s not very polite but work with me here 😋). I really love walks though as long as I don’t have to get my hair wet.
I’ve been living with a little fella pup but and we get in brilliantly but we only have one foster mum And I tend to like the attention. Thinks it’s because I’m liking all this love stuff 😍😍. I’m not aggressive or anything like that, just like to get in first 😜
I can be left for short periods no problem and let you know if I need a wee bit I have been known to have the odd trickle on a puppy pad if I can’t hold a pee in all night. Again I’m still learning.
I will need a home that can maybe take me to puppy classes or work with me as I haven’t had the privilege of being taught everything as yet. there is nothing major just I get a bit overwhelmed by all this new stuff. I am no bother though promise 😘. I’d like to live in a home with No other pets and children over the age of 7 please. Not because of any reason than I’m still learning and a calm home would be fab for me.
If you think this little sometimes a bit nervous diva would fit into your household please message our facebook  page or email us at


Meet 8 year old Jess and her son Charlie.
They are missing a couple of swishy things but not to worry, that’s cos they are Manx Cats
Jess is loving, affectionate, good with dogs and kids, whilst Charlie is more reserved and dependant on mum .
For this reason we will not consider splitting them .
Both are fully vaccinated and ready to go to their forever home now. 
Please contact us via  email to rrar@petlover. com


Hello. My name is Archibald and I’m looking for a new home.
I love sitting on laps and playing with squeeky toys. I love going on walks but i sometimes get too excited and forget to listen to my name so I’m kept on my extendable lead.
I’m 4.5 years old and even though I’m quite young I’m not really a fan of young humans so a home without those would be great!
I’m wary of new people but if you give me some time I’ll usually come for a cuddle when I’m ready.
I don’t like many dogs, especially if they’re bigger than me! I would love a home without other dogs so I can get all the attention!
I’ve been living with two other cats who I don’t bother at all!
I am a very loyal loving dog dog and would love a new home where I can relax as I’m not getting along with another dog in the house.

Archibald X


Poor Hattie and Rex are once again looking for a forever home through no fault of their own.
This adorable Mr n Mrs have such a tight bond we wouldn’t consider splitting them.
For.anyone looking for a totally easy, loving , laid back dog these 2 are the ones for you.
They’re house trained , none destructive, fine on lead (although rex does have a liking for eating them)
They’re older dogs that just need an amble about a couple of times a day and a comfy bed to snooze on.
I’d love to see this fab pair have some stability in their lives before Christmas.
If you have a home that would fit these 2…. Please contact us via  email to


Rocky is an 8yr old Jack Russell and is looking for a home to call his own.
He can’t live with young children as he can be nippy.
He’s not great with meeting other dogs due to being attacked but once he gets to know them he does enjoy there company.
Rocky does suffer with separation anxiety so needs a home that understands him,can help him and be around most of the day.
With all that said he is a very loving lad,great off lead and can live with dog savvy cats.
If you can offer Rocky a home please message the facebook  page or email rrar@petlover . com


What’s better than Toffee?
More Toffee or Toffee and Oreo ?

We’re sweeties as you can see and are looking for our forever homes.
We’re happy to be handled and are fully vaccinated. 
We don’t want to live in a cramped hutch so would like suitable accommodation preferably with access to a safe outdoor area , then we can kick out and play.

Homecheck and adoption fee apply

Please contact us via email to or complete the online rehoming form


Meet Russ
Some of you may remember this older lad
He came to us from the pound after his “owners” left him straying in Stacksteads and didn’t bother claiming him.
Although Russ looks like an old man he’s a young, sprightly and loving 9 year old dude.
He’s great with kids small and large but will need a home where he’s the only pet and an adult that is confident when walking him..
Russ is the most loving dog ever . He deserves a chance he’s never really been given.
Please email us on or complete the online rehoming form  us to offer this handsome loyal lad his forever home.