Beautiful Bella is looking for her special forever home.
Shes a 2 year old, neutered and vaccinated individual cat.
Bella doesn`t like to share her humans so would like a home without other animals or children. She is craving the outddors, which shes never really experienced, so a home away from busy roads is a must.
Bella has loopy play periods where she loves tossing her toys around, and will chase shadows and lights.
Bella is an ideal companion for a quieter household.
If you can offer her the forever pair of knees, and access to outdoor space she craves, please drop us a message

2 thoughts on “Bella 💛ON HOME TRIAL💛”

  1. Message for Susan Kenny.

    Bella and I get closer every day.

    Although she enjoys the views from the windows, it is obviously far too early to send her out into her big back garden I hope she will eventually enjoy. I love her company so much already but I understand Bella may have to be a house cat for a very long time before she is able to connect the views with actually going outside, with out fear.

    I want Bell to be my forever cat but I know she and I will have to have a lot of patience before she can learn to come back home to her open window at the back, when she is ready, as sometimes she really needs to be outside. Maybe some day soon Bells happiness can be achieved. I will have to cope with her as a house cat but I am absolutely ready for this as long as it takes, at the moment we are still getting used to each other. Bell is no push over and if I have to wait so be it but she really needs to live as a proper cat.

    Best Wishes,

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