Benton is a super, sweet lad, around 6 years old. Benton loves his food and cuddles. He likes a warm quiet spot where he can watch the world go by, he is ok with other cats but prefers to have a lap he doesnt have to share. So ideally, he’d like a home with no cats or maybe an older chilled out cat. Benton likes to outsmart his servants and will try and pinch food if they are not quick enough 😂 he’s okay with the small lazy kind of dog and is often found cuddling upto them when there is no one else to cuddle.❤❤ He needs to be an indoor cat, or access to a catio or similar as when he goes outside he panics and bolts, even after months of being in a Foster home.
Benton is chipped, neutered, vaccinated and upto date with flea and worming. If you have a benton shaped space on your knees, please email us. Homecheck and adoption fee apply xx

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