Chalky (SBT)

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I am Chalky and this is my happy face.
I’m smiling cos I don’t have to stay in the pound any more.
I’m going to stay in a lovely home with a nice man from Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue for a while.
Aunty Mic mentioned something about a jab n some nuts being lobbed off. Sounds like a game to me
I will be looking for my forever home in a few weeks.
Some of my mates are still in the pound.
They aren’t as lucky as me.
Could you help to make them smile?
A foster home could mean the difference between life or death.
I didnt deserve that. They don’t either.
Please consider fostering a happy chappy like me and make my mates smile again

3 thoughts on “Chalky (SBT)”

    1. And sadly in that time has had zero offers. Hes happy in his foster home but would love a home of his own x

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