Chester (Dog) **ON HOME TRIAL**

Cheeky Chester is seeking his solemate.
Chester came to us last year but due to a change in circumstances he’s still looking for his forever home.
Chester. Cute yes. Loving yes. Bit of an arse yes.
Chester is best suited to a home without other dogs and although he has shown no interest in cats they would need to be dog savvy.
Chester although not a large dog , Is strong n the lead and will need someone to work on this with him. His manners aren’t great and he does like to jump to greet you in excitement so no toddlers please. He is however good with older children .
Chester is house trained and lovable but does have his faults like every other person and animal. Please bear these in mind.
Please contact us via inbox to enquire about him as notifications are often missed.
Homecheck and adoption fee apply.

2 thoughts on “Chester (Dog) **ON HOME TRIAL**”

    1. Hi Katrina, I’m sorry about the delay in replying. Chester is actually on home trial with another family at present I’m sorry. RRAR 🐾

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