Meet Dartagnan, hes not available for adoption yet,…..

He’s had his ultrasound scan on his head. The results show a mass of fluid just above the main blood vessel which accumulates causing pressure on his brain… His brain produces too much CEREBROSPINAL FLUID (CSF) a condition called HYDROCEPHALUS..this is possibly congenital (birth defect) or could have been caused by trauma…. His skull has signs of trauma in the form of a small crack in his skull..his feral mummy may have dropped him whilst moving him..she could have been injured whilst pregnant… something we will never know. He will continue to develop and will have to have regular vet checks…he may need medication in the future in the form of steroids or diuretics to help disperse the fluid…he could also develop seizures..total blindness.. or more severe symptoms..only time will tell. But for now D’arty is a happy boy…. (except about his new shaved bald patch from his scan ) he eats, sleeps, plays, cuddles, purrs, runs (though he does trip over), fights on every day and is loved to bits. 

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