James (Cat)

Our very handsome James (aka Jaws) is ready for his forever home. After being saved by some lovely people and medical care by Oakmount Vets he has survived his traumatic ordeal (kicked in the head) His surgery to his broken jaw has healed well, he does have some slight sight loss in his right eye. None of this has stopped him being the most adorable cat..nor has it stopped him eating… (luvs his food…and everyone elses food too 🙄) He loves cuddles and purrs like an engine.
No dogs though thanks…. but happily lives with other cats.
Do you have happy ever after for James.
Contact RRAR now.
Homechecks & Adoption fees apply.

4 thoughts on “James (Cat)”

    1. Hi Paul and Helen, we’re not sure of his exact age as James’s was a stray before he came into the rescue. But the vet and our Cat lead approximate 4 years old.

      If you’re interested in him please answer the following question in order for us to proceed quickly with your enquiry.
      Telephone number:
      Do you have any other pets?
      Are they neutered?
      Do you have children?
      Their ages?
      Do you work?
      How many hours?
      Any other relevant information:

      Best wishes

      RRAR 🐾🐾🐾

  1. I work full time but sleep during the day live in a flat also so needs to be an indoor cat I have a son who stays with me at the weekend. Will James be ok in this environment?

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