Im Madonna and im looking for my forever home.
Ill tell you a little about myself.

Im about 18months i think.
I was in a bad home where i had to fight with lots of other cats for what food i could get. Some people came and got me and it was a bit crazy at first being washed and poked and checking everything on me.

I eventually went to my foster home. I was terrified. Strange humans wouldn’t leave me alone and a big cat bullied me and it was just me and another kitty that i knew from my old home.

I’d never really been round humans much so i just hid. They gave me food and sweets but i was very scared of them. Putting there hands on me thinking i might like it. Silly humans.

Well a little while on them silly humans haven’t stopped putting their hands on me but its not soo scary any more. Feels kind of nice.
I can still have my grumpy times where i just want to be alone but i do enjoy a good cuddle and sweeties time. I will even eat sweeties from your hand once i know im safe with you.. May try have a finger or two as they are covered in crumbs i want but i don’t mean to hurt you. Just sweeties are soooooo gurrd. ??

Anyway, my friend i came here with, has gone off to her forever home and is happy and settled with her new family. I miss her a bit but now i think its time i found my forever family (and get away from this bully cat).

I am still a bit nervous so i need somewhere quiet and someone who will be patient while i learn to trust you. Although a bit of catnip and a few sweeties may help your case ?

So if you think your home would be complete with my beutiful grumpy face then please contact Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue (RRAR) to have a home check.

Ive had all my jabs, been neutered and i am chipped.

adoption fees apply

2 thoughts on “MADONNA”

  1. yes!!!!! i have fallen in love !! i live in a 2
    floor 3 bedroom flat, just me and work part time and would love too come have a look at our madonna please! i would have the time and patiance too give her everything she needed.
    hope to hear back from you

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