Sadly Marley is still looking for that special someone.
He’s a complex dog that’s suffered great loss in his short life.
Marley needs to be an only dog, no cats and children over 16 only.
He is wary of some strangers , but once you’ve gained his trust, he’s your best pal.

He hates tea towels, he runs in fear if one wafts near him, infact he’s scared of anything wafted or flapped near him and will run in fear.

He’s a very lazy pup, sleeps alot and VERY well house trained. He is happy to do his business in the garden.

He understands his name and the terms,
Lie down
Stay (as long as he can see you)
Good boy (usually involves a treat or head rub)

He can play fetch, although sometimes just chases the ball then leaves it for you to pick up ?)

He’s very good at the hide and seek game. Get him to sit, stay, then hide the treat and tell him to go find it. He’ll keep popping back to you to sniff your hands for the scent so, don’t wipe your hands until he’s found it!

He will always sit before you give him his food.

Marley has a leg deformity from birth which is sadly now too progressed to correct. His walks need to be monitored and short.

He is a twitchy dreamer. Very entertaining to watch as each of his ‘toes’ on his paws move individually¬†?
Taking all that into account, he will need a home with someone with knowledge of large breeds. Someone with understanding and patience. Someone prepared to work with him as much as he will want to work with you.
If you feel you fit this bill or would like more information on Marley please inbox us or email

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