Hey people. Mia here 😍. I’m 3 and a bit gorgeous.
It’s very exciting… I’ve been going out on on a lead the last couple of weeks. I love it but I do tend to bark at everybody and everything at the minute en route (I think I’m learning that’s not very polite but work with me here 😋). I really love walks though as long as I don’t have to get my hair wet.
I’ve been living with a little fella pup but and we get in brilliantly but we only have one foster mum And I tend to like the attention. Thinks it’s because I’m liking all this love stuff 😍😍. I’m not aggressive or anything like that, just like to get in first 😜
I can be left for short periods no problem and let you know if I need a wee bit I have been known to have the odd trickle on a puppy pad if I can’t hold a pee in all night. Again I’m still learning.
I will need a home that can maybe take me to puppy classes or work with me as I haven’t had the privilege of being taught everything as yet. there is nothing major just I get a bit overwhelmed by all this new stuff. I am no bother though promise 😘. I’d like to live in a home with No other pets and children over the age of 7 please. Not because of any reason than I’m still learning and a calm home would be fab for me.
If you think this little sometimes a bit nervous diva would fit into your household please message our facebook  page or email us at rrar@petlover.com

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