4 year old Molly is looking for a special forever home.

Whilst we word the posts for animals we rehome ourselves, these are the words of her loving owners.
I’d please ask that you read the entire post prior to contacting us.

“Molly is a loving dog and she is a very much loved part of our family, however she is a nervous dog and is often uncomfortable around children and lots of noise or activity, which means she is not as happy as she could be and has become a concern for us as parents.

· Molly loves a good walk and is excellent off the lead and she is generally good on the lead with one or two people however she can pull a bit when walking with a group. We use a harness in this situation which makes it manageable and often any pulling settles down after five minutes. We did have an incident 2 years ago where she was chased by a dog and ran off [not far and we found her quickly], however for that reason we are very vigilant when off her lead and always put her on the lead when approached by a dog on a lead.
· Molly is generally good company around the house and sleeps well and more often than not decides to go to bed before we do.
· She is also generally good with adult visitors, even though she will get excited when they first arrive but she usually settles down quite quickly.
· She is good with our children who she knows well but children are a concern for her because of her nervousness. If there are many children in the house she will growl when they come near. This isn’t particularly aggressive and she doesn’t confront them but it is a concern for us because she is showing she isn’t happy so she really needs to have a minimum amount of contact with children. She doesn’t display this behaviour out of the house which we assume is because she is nervous when they are coming into her space.
· We moved house a few years ago and our old house was a typical terrace house with a lounge dining room and kitchen extension at the back. The back of the house had a garden which led to a quiet back street. Since we moved we now have a very open plan house with large French doors and windows at the front and back. We think she finds the openness and the amount she can see out a stressful experience and she will often bark. At our old house she would often sit on the couch and watch people walking past without any fuss so possibly the layout of the house needs to be considered.
· When on walks she does have a habit of stopping and lying down whenever she sees another dog and she isn’t on a lead to show she isn’t a threat. This isn’t a problem and she is never aggressive towards other dogs however it can make walks when she isn’t on a lead a little longer than planned. We have been told never to force her to move, to let her lie down as long as likes, she then moves when the dog walks past her.
· She is used to having other dogs around as some of our family bring their dogs round and she generally gets on well with them. I wouldn’t particularly recommend a family with a dog already but I wouldn’t anticipate any problems if her new family had visitors that brought dogs with them.
· She travels well in the car and is used to being in the boot or in the back of the car. Caravan or camping holidays would not be suitable for her because she gets stressed when tied up outside. Cottage or static caravan holidays would be much more suitable for her.
· Due to her nature she would not be happy if put in kennels when on holiday and would get very stressed in that environment. In our experience she is fine with a good dog border or family friend when going away. We put her in kennels when she was younger for a couple of small trips and found she came back very stressed and agitated.
· Molly would be most suited to a family with no children or grandchildren who have a quiet, stable environment. She would be happier in non-open plan house without floor to ceiling windows. She really is a fantastic dog, who will be very much missed.”

Taking the above into consideration , Molly will not be rehomed to busy households , she would be more suited as an only dog and we will not consider homes with children under 14 years of age.

Please contact us via email to or message the page.

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