Hi everyone I’m Sepio, my pals at RRAR describe me as a big beautiful bouncy dude…… I’m looking for a family to call my own who will take me on lots of walks and be mine forever….. ???

Things that i love are …….walks, treats, people, cuddles, attention, the beach, water, nice food, playing ball and generally being close to my friends and family!

There are also a few things i dislike, which are other dogs, loud noises, heavy traffic and unfamiliar surroundings.

As i get excited i do pull on my lead when excited but my foster mum is helping with my training and I’d like my new family to help me with this too!!!

Everyone who meets me says I’m a loving, intelligent and loyal boy, I’m nearly 3 years of age and just want a chance of having a family of hoomans who will fall in love and give their hearts to me and I will give them mine in return plus licks and cuddles ?

I do love all hoomans but because I’m a big boy, I’m better with toddlers or bigger, no other dogs ? please and I’ve never met a cat ?

If you have a Sepio shaped hole in your life give my pals an email  and I’ll be the best boy I can be ?????????????

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  1. Hi,I’ve had a staff cross from u before but so sadly and unfortunately,he went missing ? this beauty looks adorable and sounds”good”compared to when chicco first came to me.please get in touch with me and let me know if he’s still available for forever rehoming.thanks ever so much.I know I can’t replace chicco but this beauty will keep me busy,which is what I need.I’m so bored without my dog here anymore.I will work with Scott (if he’s the same person to help in regards to dog’s behaviour etc),as I did with chicco and he’s such a PERFECT help……funny to say I don’t believe in the word perfect… was when he advised me of chicco.this beauty is perfect for me.I walk my dogs every 3 hrs for around 40 mins to 1hr,depending on how much time I have on my hands.I luurrrv to let them off the lead(keeping a very close eye on them) in a very big,unused place where no other ppl r animals are.

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