Shelby is now 5 weeks old, she will be ready for her new home from 1st June.

Please contact us if you can offer her a forever home

Adoption fee of £60 applies which includes full vaccinations and neutering via our vets Shuttleworths at 4 months of age.

2 thoughts on “Shelby”

  1. Feel silly askin but do u think its possible for a reactive rescue gsh to accept a kitten? She will chase cats when we are out (dhe’s never off the lead tho. ) i just feel she might possibly love a friend to love look after. But i wouldnt want the kitten to be under any stress or risk

    1. Hi Hazel, with the right introductions then most dogs can accept cats into their homes.
      A lot of dogs will still chase cats whilst out but happily cosy up to their ‘own’
      What is you GSD reactive to?

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