Meet Wilma and Winnie!!
Twinnys in looks but not personality…
Wilma is looking for a home where she will have some company most of the day be that human or another pet, she’s grown so much in confidence since coming to us, but still needs a bit more tlc and time to become the cuddle bug I know she will be.
Winnie is looking for a home with a confident companion that will show her humans aren’t scary, she wants to come close but being the leader she tends to keep her guard up a little too much, the reward when this girl drops her guard will be a feeling like no other!!
Both these girls were born feral, in an old building where they had next to no human contact, they have come on leaps and bounds but now need their forever homes so they can settle in and find their paws.
Have you a space for one of these girls ❤️❤️❤️

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